Platinum Rules!

In hybrid days of old, it was pretty easy to distinguish between a normally aspirated version and gas and electricity. The vehicle would shudder when switching between gas and battery power.

The brakes were super grabby and hard to modulate. But time and technology march on and the 2017 edition of the Ford Fusion hybrid is proof.

I spent a delightful week in a Platinum edition, new for 2017 with a price tag of a little over $38,000 dollars.

For that sum of money, you get a ton of tech, including adaptive cruise control with auto start and stop. Park assist, blind spot warning and remote start just to name more than a few features.

Everything worked as advertised, including the hybrid system that delivers 43 city and 41 highway for an average of 42 miles per gallon.


Ford has gone to a Jaguar like transmission knob instead of a standard shifter. It also works well, although I sometimes mistook it for a BMW-like iDrive system and shifted into neutral. What a dork!

Ford has made the cabin very upscale with high quality materials. It’s also a very quiet car to drive and for a hybrid, pretty darn fun.

I also think the Fusion is a great looking car. But looks sometimes come with sacrifice. In this case rear headroom isn’t great. That beautiful sloping roof is a double edge sword for your taller friends.

Rear visibility is also limited, but that’s why backup cameras come in handy.

I should also mention Fords updated SYNC 3 system. It is so much better than the one it replaces. And if you have an Android or Apple phone, use the app. It is so cool and convenient to tell Siri to send or read a text message. Any way to eliminate a distraction while driving a 3600 pound vehicle is a plus.

The Ford Fusion hybrid is a car I could picture in my garage. It is fun to drive, saves petrol and looks fantastic.


Good job Ford.


Mike West CBS


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