Sun 14-Jan 8:45a 11:15a Duke @ Louisville
Sat 14-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @ Everett
Sun 15-Jan 4:40p 8:15p Tbirds vs Spokane
Tue 17-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds vs Everett
Wed 18-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @ Spokane
Fri 20-Jan 7:15p 10:45p TBirds @ Everett
Sat 21-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds vs Vancouver
Fri 27-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @ Tri-City
Sat 28-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds vs Everett
Sun 29-Jan 4:45p 8:15p Tbirds vs Tri-City
Tue 31-Jan 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds vs Kamloops
Fri 3-Feb 7:15p 10:45p Tbirds vs Kamloops
Sat 4-Feb 6:40p 10:10p Tbirds @ Portland
Tue 7-Feb 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @ Victoria
Wed 8-Feb 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @ Victoria
Thu 9-Feb 3:45p 6:15p NCAA-Purdue @ Indiana
Fri 10-Feb 7:15p 10:45 Tbirds vs Tri-city
Sat 11-Feb 6:45p 10:15p TBirds vs Portland
Sun 12-Feb 9:45a 12:15p NCAA- Michigan @ Indiana
Mon 13-Feb 1:40p 5:10p Tbirds @ Kelowna
Tue 14-Feb 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds vs Red Deer
Fri 17-Feb 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @Tri-City
Sat 18-Feb 12:45p 3:15p NCAA- Michigan State @ Purdue
Sat 18-Feb 5:45p 9:15p Tbirds vs Portland
Sun 19-Feb 4:45p 8:15p Tbirds @ Portland
Fri 24-Feb 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds @Tri-City
Sat 25-Feb 12:45p 3:15p NCAA- Duke @ Miami
Sat 25-Feb 6:45p 10:15p Tbirds vs Kamloops
Sun 26-Feb 4:50p 8:20p Tbirds vs Everett
Tue 28-Feb 3:45p 6:15p NCAA- Indiana @ Purdue

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