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Who’s Gonna Bring It To The US?

Sue Bird sizes up the Olympic Competition – 

1090 The Fan–07/26/2012

USA Women's National Team Training Camp

Sue Bird: National Team is Unselfish

Storm star Sue Bird is off with her fellow Olympians, getting ready for the games in London- she’s played with this particular group of players off and on for years – and sings their praises. […]

1090 The Fan–07/25/2012

USA v Great Britain- Women's Exhibition Game

National Team Goes For Gold

Your Seattle Storm are on a break while the US Women’s National basketball team – led by our own Sue Bird –  will go for gold at the Olympic games in London.  Hear Callahan’s Storm […]

1090 The Fan–07/19/2012


Storm Owner’s Title IX Protest Action

This is the year of the 40th anniversary of the passing of Title Nine – an education amendment prohibiting discrimination based on sex – and, to talk about here experiences in the age of discrimitation, […]

1090 The Fan–07/16/2012

USA Women's Basketball National Team All-Access

Interview: Bird Now Looks To London Games

Sue Bird held a press conference yesterday – in good spirits despite a home game loss to Chicago.  Here she talks about attending the games for the first time in 2004.

1090 The Fan–07/12/2012


Audio: Bobble-head Night Victory

Storm warning – brought to you by Goodwill. After a hard loss in LA the night before, Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird was very happy with Sunday night’s performance at the Key when they […]

1090 The Fan–07/10/2012


Storm Defeats Connecticut – Camille Little Is Game Hero

The Storm is fighting back from a rough beginning this season, but winning when it counts.  Facing Connecticut looked ominous, but Camille Little decided to have a career-best game, making it impossible for a Sun […]

1090 The Fan–07/03/2012

Seattle Storm v Washington Mystics

Storm Wins 5 In A Row

Sue Bird gets down to business last night with a victory over the Washington Mystics- Dick Fain and Adia Barnes with the calls.  

1090 The Fan–06/27/2012

Screen shot 2012-06-26 at 2.31.19 PM

Bonnie Jo Campbell: Once Upon A River

The Nationally Best-selling author from Kalamazoo, Michigan tells a great story of a strong, young, alone girl and her trials and victories living along a river. Listen to Lee Callahan’s interview at the arrow.

1090 The Fan–06/26/2012