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Audio – Director Chris Paine: Revenge Of The Electric Car

Lee Callahan talks to the man behind, “Who Killed The Electric Car?” and the follow-up, “Revenge of the Electric Car.”  The documentary follows four automakers racing to make the most competitive car of the future. […]

1090 The Fan–04/20/2012


Making Everyday Earth Day

Earth Day was started back in 1970, and we’re celebrating it again on April 22nd. Seattle’s progressive talk listeners know to keep it green every day of the year, and not just the upcoming Earth […]

1090 The Fan–04/17/2012

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Why Ice Matters – Interview With Noted Geophysicist Henry Pollack

Nobel Prize winner and noted professor of geophysics Henry Pollack weighs in on ice and the environment.


history of earth day

The History Of Earth Day

Earth Day gets more and more important each year. See where this international event got its start and what’s happening this year.


celebs pick a side

Pick-A-Side – Which Celebrity Does More Harm To The Environment?

From private jets and tanning beds to the stupid things they often say and do, celebrities impact our environment. Pick who is worse.