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Jesse Ventura & Jackie Schechner Join Stephanie & The Mooks This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show!

Jacki Schechner of Current TV’s news center calls in at 7am to tell us why we should be skeptical about the insurance companies’ recent PR efforts Gov. Jesse Ventura calls in at 8:30am to talk […]

1090 The Fan–06/13/2012

Norm One Nation

Norm Is Serving Justice On Lying Politicians On Today’s Norman Goldman Show!

Today on the radio, justice is served on lying politicians; gasoline prices; silly political sideshows; Senior Legal Analyst time; guns and law enforcement; guns and Mexico and politics; plus the housing crisis and what is […]

1090 The Fan–06/12/2012

Thom Hartmann

Thom Talks With Chuck Whobrey, Peter Ferrara & Verg Bernero Today On The Thom Hartmann Show!

Hour One: Abolish all property taxes!  / Plus, CEO pay raise vs. employee pension plan – Chuck Whobrey, President-Teamsters Local 215 Hour Two: Privatized schools…the miseducation of Mitt Romney – Peter Ferrara, American Spectator / […]

1090 The Fan–06/12/2012

Union Groups, Civil Rights Activists Rally For Jobs And Education In DC

Tony Trupiano, Host Of First Shift With Tony Trupiano Fills In For Big Eddie!

Investigative Journalist Brad Friedman joins the 1st hour of today’s show. President Obama’s new television ad continues his campaign’s assault on Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts, focusing specifically on the debt the Republican […]

1090 The Fan–06/12/2012


Jackie Speier, Carlie Pierce, & Alan Grayson Join Steph & The Gang Today On The Stephanie Miller Show!

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) calls in at 6:30am to talk about what Dems are doing to improve jobs and the economy Former and Future Rep. Alan Grayson calls in at 7am to talk about Romney’s […]

1090 The Fan–06/12/2012


Today Norm Is Serving Justice On Us On The Norman Goldman Show

Today on the radio, justice is served on us! At the risk of sounding like a preacher or a motivational speaker, I want to “go positive” and offer you some thoughts to consider on the […]

1090 The Fan–06/11/2012


Thom Delves Into Questionable Republican Tactics, & Abstinence Only Sex Education Today On The Thom Hartmann Show

Hour One: The Republicans have plotted treason now… Hour Two: Texas is expanding…how’s that abstinence ed working?  Heather Cirmo Hour Three: Warning…it’s the end of the world as you know it!

1090 The Fan–06/11/2012

Ed Schultz

Tony Trupiano, Host Of First Shift With Tony Trupiano Fills In Today As Big Eddie Takes A Well Deserved Vacation

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels called for the elimination of public sector unions. We’ll talk about it. One of the nation’s largest unions and a Democratic super PAC supporting President Barack […]

1090 The Fan–06/11/2012


The Tina And Drew Show 6/09/12

Tina and Drew are joined in studio by the team from Nth Degree CPAs, with tax advice, small business coaching, and 10 steps to successfully setting up a new business. Listen each Saturday at 3pm […]

1090 The Fan–06/09/2012