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8 Impressive Displays Of Athleticism By Kirkpatrick

By Stephen Slinkeah Often times celebrities are gifted athletes and we’re completely unaware until they shock us with an appearance at a charity game or some type of sporting event they can participate in. This […]

CBS Seattle–19 hours ago

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Teacher Tried To Stop Washington State Shooting

A newly hired teacher confronted a gunman and was being hailed as a hero on Saturday after a deadly shooting rampage in the cafeteria of a Washington state high school.


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5 Reasons Why The NFL Should Not Put A Team In London

Earlier this week Chancellor George Osborne conducted top-level talks about bringing an American Football team to London, according to The Standard. Osborne reportedly met with NFL officials and pledged full government backing for moves that could see a team based at Wembley Stadium.

CBS Seattle–10/23/2014

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5 Former MLB Players Whose Nicknames Make No Sense At All

What is worse: a nickname that isn’t very creative or one that doesn’t make sense?

CBS Seattle–10/23/2014

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Majority Of Employees Still Showing Up To Work While Sick

Sneezing, coughing and feeling all-around miserable while on the job? You’re not alone.



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