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Why the Doolittle Raiders Deserve a Congressional Gold Medal

On May 23, 2014, President Obama signed an act to award a Congressional Gold Medal to members of the Doolittle Raiders in...

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Almost 100 Years of Coin Collecting Pays Off Big Time

Many people have trouble sticking with hobbies for one year, much less one hundred! Not Eric P. Newman, however. Almost one hundred years ago his grandfather gave him a peculiar penny, and he’s been hooked ever since. And boy, has this hobby paid off!

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The Challenge Coin That Saved A U.S. Serviceman’s Life

Challenge Coins have been a part of military life since World War I. The first Challenge Coin—as the story goes—was the idea of a wealthy U.S. solider. He decided to buy everyone in his unit a coin engraved with the battalion’s insignia.

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Rare Continental Currency: What Shrewd Collectors Look For

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s not worth a Continental!” and wondered what it was in reference to? Like many common phrases, it has its roots in our nation’s history. This particular phrase comes from a time in our past when we were still trying to establish a U.S. currency. Ironically, some of those “worthless” notes will fetch a pretty penny today. And the rarest of them are worth a fortune!

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The Struggle and Triumph Of The Mexican Peso

Did you know that internationally the Mexican peso was once more highly regarded than the U.S. dollar? Well, it’s a fact. Like most of North American history, the story of the Mexican peso takes many twists and turns. It’s all part of a fascinating journey that took the Mexican peso from its humble beginnings to a dominant currency in Latin America.


You’d Be Shocked What a Coin Is Really Worth!

We all know there are different denominations of U.S. coins, but have you ever considered their actual value? As in, the value of the metal they’re made of?


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