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An Oregon couple catered their wedding with 13 varieties of marijuana, including a server to help guests choose and smoke their weed.
A new survey finds that most battles between co-workers in the office stem from cleanliness and temperature settings.
A mother was caught breastfeeding while driving.
Assistant General Manger, Jeff Kingston, will take over day to day GM responsibilities for the remainder of the season.
MOUNT BAKER, Wash. (AP) — Mauri Pelto digs his crampons into the steep icy slope on Mount Baker in Washington state and watches as streams of water cascade off the thick mass of bare, bluish […]
People who buy their health insurance on the Washington Healthplanfinder exchange can expect an average 4.2 percent increase in their rates in 2016.
The Washington Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously ruled that a public employee's work-related text messages sent and received on a private cellphone are public records.
Seattle Children's Hospital is offering free blood tests to 12,000 families after discovering surgical equipment at its Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center was not always properly cleaned and sterilized.
The Seward Park swimming beach on Lake Washington will be closed for at least a day following a sewage spill Wednesday morning.
Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, making the first of several Pacific Northwest campaign stops in Seattle, spoke about constitutional issues and dysfunction in the nation's capital.