MLB Power Rankings

Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 103-58
Just remember that only one team with the best record in baseball has won the World Series since 1999. The Cubs will be favored to do it, of course, with the best pitching staff in MLB this year (3.15 ERA, .212 batting average allowed). No other team was even close to those numbers.
2 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox 93-69
The Red Sox put it on cruise control the final week of the season, but they’re the prohibitive favorites in the American League despite finishing with the third seed in the postseason. The highest-scoring offense in MLB will be hard to stop in October.
3 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays 89-73
The Blue Jays played 103 games this season against teams that finished at .500 or above, which is impressive in terms of scheduling. That was the AL East this year, however. Despite being the last team into the AL playoffs, Toronto should meet Boston in an exciting AL Championship Series.
4 Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians 94-67
▲ 1
The Tribe won the club’s most games since 2007, when Cleveland lost in the ALCS to Boston in a seven-game epic. That won’t happen again this year, as the two teams meet in the AL Division Series, and the pitching rotation here is a mess due to injuries. This just won’t be Cleveland’s year to win the World Series.
5 Washington Nationals Washington Nationals 95-67
▼ 1
The National League Division Series between Los Angeles and Washington should be a good one, probably the best one of the bunch. This is the third time in five seasons the Nats have won 95+ games, but will it be the first time the team advances to the NLCS? It’s a coin flip, in truth.
6 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners 86-76
The first team in our rankings that didn’t make the postseason, the Mariners were undone by a spotty bullpen this year. With 25 blown saves, Seattle could have made the postseason with better relief work. Alas, the Mariners probably would have blown more saves in October. Here’s to next year in the Pacific Northwest!
7 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers 91-71
Like Boston, the Dodgers just coasted through the final week of the season with the NL West Division clinched already. Los Angeles has an issue hitting LHPs, of course, which could hurt them in October depending on matchups. We don’t think the Dodgers will make it to the Series for the first time since 1988, though.
8 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles 89-73
Hosting the AL Wild Card Game is a great accomplishment for this team with the second-worst ERA (4.22) among all playoff participants. With just the seventh-best scoring offense, the Orioles don’t figure to last long in the postseason regardless. It was a great achievement just getting this far.
9 Houston Astros Houston Astros 84-78
Losing seven of their final 10 games cost the Astros a chance at a second-straight postseason. But this team is very talented, and it probably will win the AL West next year. In the meantime, Houston can ponder that sub-.500 record after the All-Star break to determine what went wrong.
10 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 86-76
The Cards did their part, mostly, in the final week of the season, but they couldn’t catch up in the NL standings. Looking back now, that June swoon—when St. Louis went 12-13 despite outscoring its opponents by 18 runs—the bullpen took came back to bite the team where it hurt most. The Cards aren’t often on the outside of October looking in.
11 Texas Rangers Texas Rangers 95-67
How did a team with a 4.37 ERA finish with the most wins in the AL this year? Everyone knows how the 36-11 record in one-run games set the all-time record for that stat category. The Rangers will face the winner of the Toronto-Baltimore wild-card matchup, and Texas better hope it’s Baltimore.
12 New York Mets New York Mets 87-75
▲ 3
With an 18-11 record in September and October, the Mets will host the NL Wild Card Game on Wednesday. The team has been decimated by injuries, but N.Y. is still standing. Nothing the Mets do in the postseason would surprise us at this point, but even the role players on this roster have a lot of pride. Syndergaard versus Bumgarner should be fun viewing for everyone.
13 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers 86-75
Losses in Atlanta in the final two games of the season cost the Tigers a chance to play a rescheduled game on Monday and force an AL wild-card nightmare scenario. Detroit will look back at an 11-17 record in May and cringe when it remembers the lost opportunities back then. Those blown games in the spring always come back and hurt you in the fall—always.
14 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants 87-75
▼ 2
This was the first week in the second half of the season that the Giants won more games than they lost, and the timing was perfect to secure another #evenyear postseason appearance. But this was the second-worst team in MLB after the All-Star break, with a 30-42 record, and no amount of “devil magic” should get S.F. past the Cubs in the second round.
15 New York Yankees New York Yankees 84-78
▼ 1
The .519 win percentage ties the lowest mark for the organization since 1992, and that was a long time ago. Although, a Clinton was running for the White House then, too. That the Yankees played better ball in the second half after trading away a lot of talent tells us that New York will be ready for 2017 and beyond.
16 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals 81-81
The defending champions lost their final four games of the season to finish with their fourth non-losing season in a row. That’s quite the accomplishment for a team that had 17 losing seasons in the 18 years prior. Where the Royals go from here is anyone’s guess.
17 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 79-82
▲ 1
All we can say is that it took a lot of strength for the Miami Marlins to finish out the 2016 season after the untimely death of Jose Fernandez. We rarely see emotion like that on the playing field in this sport, and it was a week to remember for the whole league, in truth.
18 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 78-83
▼ 1
With a 32-40 record in the second half of the season, the Pirates took a big step backward in 2016. After three straight wild-card berths, Pittsburgh didn’t really come close this year to making the playoffs. Like the Royals, we’re not sure what’s next for the Pirates.
19 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox 78-84
This was the third straight season the Pale Hose improved the win total, but to the South Siders, it’s been a bad year. The Cubs are the talk of the town, and the White Sox are an afterthought.
20 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 75-87
With a seven-win improvement over 2015, the Colorado organization is headed in the right direction with the usual good hitting and some young, up-and-coming pitching stars. Perhaps the Rox can make some noise in the NL West next summer.
21 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels 74-88
▲ 2
Going from 98 wins in 2014 to 74 wins this year is the wrong kind of trend, of course. But don’t blame Mike Trout. The Angels spend a lot of money to stink, and that can’t be going unnoticed by the team’s management. Look for some major changes in Anaheim this winter.
22 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers 73-89
▼ 1
With a 16-13 record in September and October, the Brewers finished the season well. Whether or not that carries over to 2017 is undecided, however. Milwaukee has finished a combined 62.5 games out of first place the last two seasons now.
23 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies 71-91
▼ 1
An eight-win improvement over 2015 gives cause for hope in the City of Brotherly Love, but the city is focused on football and hockey now already. These Phillies were unremarkable, save for that 28-23 record in one-run games that enabled the club to win more games than it probably should have in 2016.
24 Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics 69-93
The A’s trimmed a lot of fat off their roster in 2016, and if the young pitchers can come through next year, maybe Oakland can return to contending. But can someone get them a new stadium, please? It’s ridiculous to see a team playing on a torn-up football field these days.
25 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks 69-93
▲ 3
Since winning the NL West in 2011, the Diamondbacks haven’t finished above .500 since. With just three playoff seasons since winning it all in 2011, the Arizona club has become irrelevant to most fans outside Phoenix.
26 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves 68-93
▲ 3
With a 37-35 record in the second half, the Braves should be ready to contend again in 2017 with some more roster improvements and the invigoration of a new home stadium. The NL East just never seems to be the same unless Atlanta is contending.
27 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays 68-94
▼ 1
Finishing with the club’s worst record since 2007, the Rays won 12 fewer games than they did last year. That doesn’t look for Manager Kevin Cash, and with the rest of the AL East pretty strong, it’s a long uphill climb again for the Tampa Bay franchise.
28 San Diego Padres San Diego Padres 68-94
▼ 3
With just two winning seasons in the last 10 years, the Padres also have become an afterthought in the NL West. This was also the second-worst season for San Diego in that time frame. Let the rebuilding continue.
29 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 68-94
▼ 2
How can Manager Bryan Price keep his job after three straight losing seasons? He took over a 90-win playoff team, and the Reds have been terrible since then. We still want to point out Joey Votto’s .408 average over the final 72 games of the season, though.
30 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 59-103
The organization just had its worst season since 1957, when it was still the Washington Senators. Nothing can put a positive spin on that situation, although the Twins did win their final two games of the season to go 2-0 in October this year.

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