Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 84-46
The Cardinals are (again) the first team to ensure a winning record.
2 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 79-50
Jung-ho Kang has been a stellar signing.
3 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals 80-50
It's about time for Terrance Gore to appear.
4 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays 74-56
▲ 1
Toronto continues to play well after its big trade deadline additions.
5 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 74-55
▼ 1
Heck of a start for Jake Arrieta.
6 New York Mets New York Mets 72-58
▲ 1
The Mets have enjoyed swinging their bats lately.
7 Houston Astros Houston Astros 72-59
▲ 1
Nice to see Carlos Gomez have a big game. He had struggled with Houston.
8 New York Yankees New York Yankees 72-57
▼ 2
For the first time in a long time, the Yankees fell out of first place.
9 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers 72-57
Expect the Dodgers' poor record against winning teams to get more play as the postseason nears.
10 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants 69-61
George Kontos is having an underrated season.
11 Texas Rangers Texas Rangers 68-61
The Rangers have done well to position themselves for the final month.
12 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 67-63
▲ 2
Miguel Sano is terrifying for opposing pitchers.
13 Washington Nationals Washington Nationals 66-63
▲ 5
At least Trea Turner should be fun to watch.
14 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels 65-65
▼ 1
David Murphy is the only one of the Angels' outfield acquisitions to play well.
15 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks 63-66
▲ 1
The Diamondbacks have been one of the more surprising teams.
16 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles 63-67
▼ 4
Rumor has the Orioles claiming everyone in sight.
17 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays 64-66
▼ 2
It'll be interesting to see if the Rays bring Blake Snell to the majors in September.
18 Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians 63-66
▲ 3
Francisco Lindor's offensive production has continued to climb
19 San Diego Padres San Diego Padres 63-67
▼ 2
Melvin Upton has sneakily played well.
20 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox 60-70
▲ 2
Sad to see Don Orsillo outed as the voice of the Red Sox.
21 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox 61-68
▼ 1
Jeff Samardzija will be an interesting free-agent case.
22 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers 60-70
▼ 3
Alex Wilson has been a decent get for the Tigers.
23 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners 61-70
So much for the Jack Zduriencik era.
24 Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics 56-74
▲ 3
The A's have been brutal in games decided by one run.
25 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers 55-75
▼ 1
Jimmy Nelson had been a bright spot for the Brewers.
26 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves 54-76
Christian Bethancourt had a good season in the minors, and the Braves are hopeful that'll translate to the majors.
27 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 53-76
▼ 2
You have to wonder if the Reds might make a managerial change
28 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies 52-79
▲ 1
Elvis Araujo has been a nice addition, albeit one with shaky peripherals.
29 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 52-79
▼ 1
Consider it a bad sign for Justin Nicolino that his sub-4 ERA is higher than his strikeout rate.
30 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 52-76
On the bright side, the season is almost over.