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Rep. Kevin McCarthy's announcement he was no longer seeking the House speakership sent Congressional Republicans scrambling
A Massachusetts man says the shark bite that led him to the doctor may have saved his life
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump complemented a Latina supporter he says he'd never met as she shouted her enthusiastic support to the crowd
Kevin McCarthy drops House speakership bid, Volkswagen CEO apologizes on Capitol Hill, and more stories you're clicking on
Explosion occurred at the Priest Rapids Dam in Grant County on Thursday
A review board concluded that an NYPD officer who arrested tennis pro James Blake used excessive force
50-year-old Scott was shot April 4 by ​North Charleston officer Michael Slager while trying to run from a traffic stop
Coral reefs make up the habitat of over 25% of all ocean creatures
As S.C. Governor Nikki Haley warns residents of more flooding, a harrowing survival story has emerged
At a House subcommittee hearing, VW's American branch CEO Michael Horn apologized "on behalf of everyone at Volkswagen" for the software cheat designed to beat emissions tests found in VW clean diesel vehicles