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Freed pending results of probe of why he turned onto tracks; commuter train rammed pickup, causing derailment that injured 30
Broke league's color barrier in 1950 for Washington Capitals; was also one of first two black players on an NBA championship team
John and Diane Foley say the U.S. government and news media failed to do enough to save their son's life before he was beheaded by ISIS
The masked face of ISIS known as "Jihadi John" has been identified as Mohamed Emwazi. Mark Phillips has more on the 27-year-old college educated Londoner turned terrorist and executioner; and, two llamas paralyzed a Phoenix-area suburb Thursday, running amok as authorities chased them up and down streets. They were finally reined in with some good

Llamas on the lam

Two llamas trotted, ran, and romped in Sun City, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The epic chase lasted for more than 40 minutes. Watch CBSN's video for the full coverage.
Piles have turned into mountains for one company who is struggling to gets shipments out to consumers
"It feels great, it feels like freedom," said one D.C. resident who smoked pot legally for the first time Thursday
The league, which had suspended the Vikings runningback until at least April, feels that a federal judge's order voiding the suspension should be reviewed
Cornell University study says chances of surviving zombie outbreak depends largely on location, but "we are largely doomed"
Republican state auditor Tom Schweich dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound, staffer tells AP

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