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The agency will soon stop examining - and will ultimately destroy - millions of American calling records it collected
The Republican 2016 candidate also said Donald Trump's inflammatory comments about Mexicans "hurt" him
During his trip to Africa, President Obama said some Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for 2016 were not up to the job
In the wake of a deadly shooting, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is touting recent reforms he enacted -- how do the other governors in the running stack up?
Edom Kassaye and Zelalem Kibret spent more than a year in prison for blogging
Democrats who support the vice president grow restless as they wait for him to make a decision about 2016
The former Arkansas governor has come under fire for saying the Iran deal was sending Israelis "to the door of the oven"
President Obama discusses the campaign in Africa while Donald Trump attacks his opponents and Hillary Clinton faces questions regarding her emails
The women's health care provider has been under fire over some recently published spycam videos
An annual State Department report assesses how effectively governments are fighting the flesh trade and exploitative labor