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The Republican candidate, who's had to shake off the "carpet-bagger" label, is challenged on his knowledge of state geography
A report from an internal government watchdog shows that Medicare's rules allow for its prescription program to pay for drugs after a patient dies
Turnout efforts in battleground states are paying off for Democrats, but do they have the votes yet to surpass the GOP?
Senate Republican leader says GOP is ready to work with Obama for the next two years, if he's ready to work with them
Battleground Tracker: House Republicans are likely to increase the size of their majority in the 2014 midterm elections
Michael Jordan may be a fan of President Obama, but he isn't impressed by his golf skills. Gayle King reports.
The U.S. military is defending its decision on a three-week Ebola quarantine for troops returning from West Africa. Charlie Rose reports.
The Kentucky senator compared his party to Domino's pizza
The potential 2016 candidate, in Maryland to stump for a gubernatorial candidate, defends her own record
Marijuana business owners from Washington state explain why they back Measure 91, even if it means more competition. Stephanie Condon reports.

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