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President Obama sounds a triumphal note in his weekly address, saying America is on the economic rebound at home and leading the world abroad.
Florida senator continues war of words with other possible presidential candidate over president's move to normalize U.S.-Cuba relations
Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pennsylvania, says America needs to develop more of its abundant domestic energy resources.
Vacationing in Hawaii, where the president was born and spent much of his childhood, has been a holiday tradition for the first family
4 Afghans from detention facility returned to home country as end of U.S. combat operations nears
Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly says America should be developing more of its abundant domestic energy resources
John Dickerson: The president is headed to Hawaii, but at his year-end press conference on Friday, it felt like he was already on vacation
Vladimir Duthiers speaks with Major Garrett and Bob Schieffer about President Obama's year in review speech. President Obama discussed the Sony hack, the government's new relationship with Cuba, and what he hopes for with the GOP-controlled Congress in 2015.
Suggested responses are pouring in from across the political world -- some actionable, some maybe not so much
Bob Schieffer discusses President Obama's response to the Sony hack with Major Garrett at the president's end of year news conference.

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