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Negotiators are racing to conclude a deal that would limit Iran's nuclear program by the end of the month
The former Congressman will serve the rest of his sentence either in a halfway house or under home confinement
Wisconsin governor (and likely 2016 GOP candidate) can't seem to make up his mind about a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
Republicans are using their new congressional majorities to push strikingly conservative budgets through the House and Senate
The Illinois congressman said he's leaving the House "with sadness and humility"
The Texas senator's family is losing health insurance provided through his wife's job, and his options for replacement coverage are limited
Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Illinois, says goodbye to his fellow members of Congress and his constituents, pledging to "work tirelessly" to make it up to those he let down.
The bill's fate is now up to the Senate
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's recent trip to the U.S. signals a change in foreign policy
The report also finds the agency resisted the investigation into sexual misconduct