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Sheldon Silver, accused on corruption charges, will leave his post as Assembly speaker after holding it for 21 years
President pays respects to Saudi royal family after death of king Abdullah, meets with successor King Salman on Middle East security
U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee for her two-day mass interview for the job of attorney general
The Wisconsin governor announced the creation of a leadership organization and website
Conservatives want more aggressive action against the president
Major coverage provisions of the law should be 20 percent cheaper than expected through the end of the decade
President Obama renews call for FAA regulations for use of drones
New plan would endorse drilling off the coasts of Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia
Democrats say they want more time to debate amendments to the bill
Before touching down in conservative Muslim kingdom, president gives nod to irony of key U.S. ally's human rights record

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