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As new deadline fast approaches for Jordan to free al Qaeda prisoner, Japanese journalist Kenji Goto's fate hangs in the balance
Gov't officially declares passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dead in "accident"
At least two and possibly three systems could hit region in coming days, even as it continues to dig out from this week's blizzard
Outbreak traced to Disney theme parks grows to at least 95 cases in 8 states and Mexico
President to discuss his budget proposals with House Democrats Thursday
Raul Castro says the U.S. should return the base, lift a trade embargo and pay compensation for damages before relations are re-established
From deer herds to cheating spouses, some employees get creative in their cover stories for being tardy
38-year-old woman was hit by fragments of a bullet fired by police officer as authorities stormed the Sydney cafe to end 16-hour standoff
Vaping advocates say it's safer than smoking and gets people to quit, but policymakers fear it lures children to pick up the habit
After billing dispute, Spokane, Washington, couple shocked to see a new name on their residential bill

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