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Business providing feline affection for short periods of time popular overseas, starting to take off in U.S.
Authorities say 19-year-old woman falsely reported that Kenneth White had been abducted before they arrested her for murder
"That's not what America's about," president says after Sony censors itself in response to N. Korean cyber attack
Former Penn State assistant football coach, who is serving a decades-long prison sentence for child molestation, loses legal battle
The two senators and potential presidential candidates disagree on Cuba normalization
When a child starts coughing and sniffling, which home remedies help, and when do you need to call the doctor?
18-time Olympic gold medalist was arrested in September for speeding and crossing the double yellow line while driving in a tunnel
The cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment exposed a raft of embarrassing emails and was blamed for scuttling a movie premiere
The president was asked in an interview about the shirt LeBron James wore to protest the treatment of Eric Garner by police
Video game creator's new Beverly Hills home includes gold cutlery, a candy room, an infinity edge pool and Bentley furniture

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