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Giants of fantasy sports industry forced to defend integrity after revelations about betting practices of employees
Mass. womom says when she asked where to pump breast milk, she was given 2 options: the family bathroom with no outlet or the "Pet Relief Area"
Writings dating back nine years offer fresh insight into the gunman and his relationship with his mother
Juan Martin Garcia put to death for September 1998 killing and robbery of Mexican missionary
​Chelsea O'Donnell first made headlines when she was reported missing by her mother
Sentences lowered retroactively for those convicted of drug-related felonies could mean early release for up to 40,000 people
3 persons of interest being sought after being caught on video; victim was prominent massage therapist and teacher
12-year-old Katelyn Thornley has been sneezing almost non-stop -- about 12,000 times a day -- for the past month, and doctors have no idea why
Moscow said its fighter jets targeted several ​ISIS positions Tuesday, but some weren't in areas controlled by the terror group
Hundreds of thousands risked their lives to make it to Germany, but many hurdles remain for them in the new land