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James Foley, the American journalist purported to be the victim of beheading in a recently released video from the terrorist group ISIS, was a guest on "The Early Show" in 2011. Foley, who was taken captive by Qaddafi loyalists while reporting in Libya, discussed the experience.
Pope's nephew is seriously injured in crash on provincial highway that killed the man's wife and his two young sons
Signs of a hard-fought battle were all around vital dam; American airstrikes clearly paved the way for victory
Booming trade in Asia is fueling slaughter of African elephants and could lead to extinction of the species
James Foley, an American journalist, disappeared while covering the civil war in Syria in 2012 and was apparently killed by Islamic militants in August 2014.
Militant group releases video apparently showing execution of James Foley; family confirms his death
Thousands of anti-government protesters are marching on parliament, where a standoff with the country's powerful army awaits them
Study finds that current pace of poaching deaths will lead to the extinction of the species
Israel walks out on Egypt-hosted talks with Hamas in response to a barrage of Palestinian rocket fire; IDF responds with new shelling of Gaza
As entire communities in West Africa become quarantined, officials struggle to feed people cut off from the world

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