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Tourists on safari in South Africa got a rare treat when a baby elephant tried to clear their path of birds
Man critically wounded fighting off an shark just days after another swimmer was killed
Part of the wing that washed ashore on La Reunion Island will be sent to France for further analysis
CBS News national security correspondent Juan Zarate testified before Congress about the impact of the recently negotiated Iran nuclear deal
The new general will command a four-nation army focused on battling the Islamic extremist group
Plane debris found on an Indian Ocean island has fueled MH370 speculation; it's the only missing Boeing 777 plane in the world right now
More than 140,000 people are asking President Obama to send dentist Walter Palmer to Zimbabwe to face justice for killing a lion
Head of Serbia's state lottery has resigned over allegations of fraud during live ticket draw
Pill known as RU-486 will be available to women who obtain a prescription from a doctor
Alleged attacker, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, had recently been released from prison after conviction for stabbing people at 2006 gay pride parade