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From pets to prey

Each year, thousands of tourists pay to pet young lion cubs in South African animal parks. What they don't know is what happens to the cubs when they get older - they often end up in so-called "canned hunts," where hunting tourists pay tens of thousands to shoot down the cubs deemed too big and dangerous to be around humans. Clarissa Ward shar
U.S. troop reduction could be held up by the late signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement
The facility will open next week, and was called "first-class" by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
The story of the 5-year-old plucked out of the ocean off the Florida coast that set off an international custody battle still reverberates
Shipwreck with bodies of Chinese miners found off New Zealand coast; will they finally go home?
With military offensive proving ineffective Kiev turns off the cash flow, but the financial assault could backfire
Officials say 2 teen girls blew themselves in busy market in region where Boko Haram militants captured schoolgirls
Lack of nuclear deal means "one of the last, great untapped emerging markets in the world" stays closed for business -- for now
In fleeting visit to European Parliament, Pontif focuses on political matters but urges law makers not to lose their "soul"
Terror group may have good reason to be increasingly concerned about prospect of foreign intelligence infiltration

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