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Netanyahu's bid to enshrine contentious terminology in law, nix Arabic as official language, draws threat from inside his cabinet
Officials will first determine whether any of hundreds of works uncovered in Munich apartment in 2012 can be traced to original Jewish owners
Iran nuclear talks extended into the summer as Vienna summit musters no big breakthrough, but some say the half-measure could doom the process
Olympics officials called a suicide bombing at the Kabul game that killed at least 45 "cowardly"
The move marks the first formal recognition by Washington that a deal on Iran's nuclear program won't be reached by the midnight Monday deadline
Four months after it was shot down, international investigators finally recover all plane and human remains in war-torn Ukraine
One of London's busiest railway stations, Charing Cross, was evacuated after a fire caused by a suspected electrical fault, the British Transport Police said.
Investigation into mass rape claim in long-troubled region raises tensions between monitoring group and Sudanese government
Suicide bombers, guards, cooks, spies: kids as young as 10 openly recruited into terror group's campaign "in a systematic and organized manner"
The divisive Russian president discusses how his "own mood" will affect how many more times he runs for reelection

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