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Polar Bear Plunge 

Join Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Meadowbrook Advisory Council for our Free Polar Bear Plunge event at Matthews Beach Park on Wednesday, January 1st 2014 rain or shine beginning at  high Noon. Splash into the water at High Noon as a group to welcome in the New Year with a sense of renewal and rejuvenation while washing off the old year and starting the New Year right! 
Warm refreshments will be served and a Commemorative Badge of Courage will be awarded to all those who brave the icy waters of Lake Washington up to their necks. Costumes and festive energy are encouraged!  
Sensible safety tips:
• If you have heart problems or other serious medical conditions, we recommend you consult your health care professional before taking the Polar Bear Plunge. If you don’t go in the water, come watch!
• Do not drink—alcohol does not warm you up; it accelerates hypothermia.
• Do not stay in the water longer than 15 minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in water than in air.
• Do not remove your clothing until swim time and remove wet clothing before getting back into dry clothes.
For more information on the Polar Bear Plunge, click here: Polar Bear Plunge


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for you to volunteer and support your neighborhood parks and programs.  For example, read about one community’s story with Restoring North Beach Park.

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Seattle Parks and Recreation works alongside the Associated Recreation Council (ARC), a non-profit partner organization, to serve Seattle by offering a variety of recreational and lifelong learning programs, classes and activities. Help build community and make a tax-deductible donation toward one or more of these valuable resources made available through your local community centers, pools and other Parks’ facilities.


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In a recent survey, 43% of respondents said they use Seattle Parks and Recreation facilities for recreation. Do you? See more about your favorite form of recreation here.

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