Alaska Department of Fish and Game


Eel-Like Fish Falling From Sky In Alaska City

An ugly eel-like fish has been falling out of the sky this past week in Fairbanks, Alaska.


File image of a Kamchatka brown bear (Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Walks Two Miles For Help After Bear Attack In Alaska

The unnamed woman was bloodied and dazed after being attacked by a brown bear; found the strength to walk 2 miles through rough terrain to find help.


File photo of a moose walking with her calves. (Photo by BORIS ROESSLER/AFP/Getty Images)

Authorities Probe Drowning Death Of Moose Calf

A severely hydrated moose calf that became separated from its mother died from drowning, likely after being force fed water, authorities said Thursday.

CBS Seattle–06/20/2013