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AM1090 Eco-Minute: Veganism

Veganism and the Environment Kim Barnouin is the author of THE SKINNY BITCH BOOK OF VEGAN SWAPS – as in swapping red meat for beans and rice – here she talks about the stresses on […]

1090 The Fan–03/14/2012


AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Valentine’s Day

Falling in love with planet earth, on the am 1090 ecominute – yes, Im talking about Valentine’s day – and here are a few tips to keep it green for the big day… About those […]

1090 The Fan–01/30/2012


“Gasland” On The AM 1090 Eco-Minute

Grab the organic popcorn, its time for another green movie. Our facebook fans offered up some great selections for eco-conscious films. Rick Hegdahl chooses Gasland and he says,”Criminals are killing our people and the land […]

1090 The Fan–01/10/2012

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AM 1090 Eco-Minute: CSAs

Ordering Fresh Produce To Your Front Door With Community Supported Agriculture. has a guide to CSAs in your area.

1090 The Fan–01/01/2012

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AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Green Cleaning Recipes

Want to make your own inexpensive and eco-friendly window cleaner and soft scrub? We’ve got the recipes for you… JUST CLICK HERE

1090 The Fan–11/07/2011


AM 1090 Eco-Minute: A Green Song By Neil Young

AM 1090 Listener Jim -from Seattle- called in with a pro-environment choice for our on-going Green Songlist – Neil Young’s Vampire Blues.

1090 The Fan–10/27/2011

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AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Creative Gifts

An Eco-Minute Email- Hi Lee – Here’s my Eco- Minute Tip: I’ve been saving glass jars – like mayonnaise and peanut butter glass jars for a long time now, just because I knew they could […]

1090 The Fan–10/25/2011


AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Donating Your (Golf) Stuff

The First Tee: Your golf clubs, shoes and money could help out kids in our community. Eco-Encore: Give them your used CDs and DVDs, they sell them, and donate they proceeds to environmental groups. Interconnection: […]

1090 The Fan–10/04/2011

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AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Glass Recycling

A Smashing Idea! Your old Glass is a valuable Resource -but we’re a bit slow to get all of it recylced – over 15,000 tons were disposed of at the landfills back in 2008.   […]

1090 The Fan–08/17/2011


AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Clean, Green and Cool

Lynn from Gig Harbor called in with this multi-tasking summertime Eco-minute tip: Listen By Clicking The Arrow…

1090 The Fan–08/11/2011