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Judge Won’t Block Elephants’ Move From One Zoo To Another

Activists’ lawyer Alyne Fortgang says another lawsuit is pending in federal court.

CBS Seattle–04/05/2015

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Ore. Supreme Court Vacates Ruling In Animals-As-Victims Case

In an opinion released earlier this month, the high court said the matter should have never been considered because the state lacks the authority to appeal a judge’s sentencing in a misdemeanor case.

CBS Seattle–03/24/2015

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Protesters Storm Seattle Zoo Over Closure Of Elephant Exhibit

Protesters in Seattle attempted to push their way into Wooldland Park Zoo’s first board meeting since the zoo decided to shut down its elephant exhibit.


File photo of a rodeo (Photo by David Greedy/Getty Images)

Local Animal-Rights Worker Arrested For Taping ‘Horse Tripping’ At Oregon Rodeo

An animal-rights activist from Vancouver has been arrested after refusing to quit videotaping at an eastern Oregon rodeo with an event where contestants rope horses by the legs.

CBS Seattle–05/20/2013

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Quote of the Day: I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.– Abraham Lincoln Hour Two: Ayn Rand conservatism at work…should the […]