Seattle Police Find Suspected Cockfighting RingPolice say they were called to a man's Rainier Valley home after he reported a burglary Thursday afternoon.
Men Accused Of Taking Lamb Chops In Washington BurglaryA deputy questioned two men carrying large black garbage bags over their shoulders Sunday morning in Spokane Valley and found they were carrying frozen lamb chops.
Police: Church Caretaker Chases Down Burglar, Breaks Golf Club Over HimThe Seattle Police Department report that a church caretaker chased down a man he caught burglarizing his church, hit him with a golf club, and then punched him in the face.
Prosecutor: Burglar Apologized To Homeowner By Offering Him HeroinProsecutors in Montana say a man caught leaving a house he had apparently burglarized apologized to the homeowner and offered him some heroin.
$50K Worth Of Pot Stolen From Hole In Wall Thieves stole 50 thousand dollars worth of marijuana from a dispensary in Georgetown, according to the Seattle Police.
Naked Intruder Confronts Family, Recites Bible PassagesPolice say a naked man broke into a family home around 2 a.m. and started loudly reciting Scripture.
Cat Perches On Cop As Burglary Investigated The cat. In the bathroom. On the officer's shoulders? Nope, not a game of "Clue."
Thieves Cut Holes In Roof, Grab $1 Million In GoldPolice say it took sophisticated burglars to steal about $1 million worth of jewelry and gold from a business in Puyallup, Washington
Police: Burglary Victim Gives Drunk Suspect A Glass Of WaterVictim was home alone when he found intoxicated man rummaging through bedroom.
Man Arrested For Burglary Asks To Check On ChildSpokane Valley sheriff's deputies say a 21-year-old man they found hiding in a neighbor's laundry room crawl space had an unusual request as they arrested him: could he check on his infant daughter in his nearby apartment?
Seattle Police Catch Roof-Jumping Burglar [Video]Seattle police nabbed two suspected burglars Friday night (Nov. 1) in the central district after one tried to roof-jump his way to freedom.
88-Year-Old Oregon Woman Sleeps Through BurglaryPolice in the Portland suburb of West Linn say a burglar robbed an 88-year-old woman while she slept, making off with jewelry, a computer and a car and even prowling through her bedroom.

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