The 5 Strangest Cemeteries In The World

Check out some of the world’s strangest cemeteries on your next vacation.


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Best Haunted Graveyard Tour In Seattle

For the best chance at a good scare, visit Seattle’s best haunted graveyards for a little tour with big potential.


Screen grab of Capitan near his former owner's grave. (Credit: LaVoz.com.ar)

Dog Runs Away From Home To Stay By Dead Owner’s Grave For 6 Years

Dogs, often referred to as “man’s best friend,” are known for their loyalty to their human companions. But Capitan went gone above and beyond the call of duty by running away from home to stand guard by his former owner’s grave. He has remained there for six years.


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Crimestoppers Tacoma-Pierce County Buys Cemetery Plots Next to Powell Boys

Josh Powell’s surviving relatives want him buried at the same cemetery as the two young sons he killed. Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor and Detective Ed Troyer, who heads the anti-crime organization Crimestoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County, responded by buying the two plots on either side of the boys to make sure Josh Powell didn’t wind up there.