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Chevy Volt

Electric, lightweight cars are being pushed at Seattle's 'Beyond Oil' Exhibition. (Photo by Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images)

‘Beyond Oil’ Event Shows Lightweight, Electric Cars Of The Future

If you believe Bob Lutz, one of the auto industry’s best-known executives, come midcentury we’ll all be driving around in lightweight electric cars that can go hundreds of miles between charges.



AM 1090 Eco-Minute: The Electric Car At The Seattle Auto Show

Callahan got to test-drive The Wheego and The Chevy Volt. She also got to attend a screening of Revenge of the Electric Car. Check out The Seattle Auto Show – Nov 2 thru 6 – […]

1090 The Fan–11/05/2011

Today On The Norman Goldman Show

Today, justice is served on Karl Rove and his secret corporate henchmen! Seems turnabout REALLY is fair play! I’ll explain how the “burden of proof” game can be played – and that burden easily shifted […]