Groups Form Alliance To Tackle Climate Change By InitiativeA broad coalition of groups says it's launching an initiative effort to tackle climate change in Washington.
Clean Tech A Priority Issue As Chinese President Lands In USThe visit comes a year after Xi and President Barack Obama announced their nations would cooperate to fight climate change.
Stanford Scientists Develop Batteries That Are Greener, Last Longer Than Today’s BatteriesScientists at Stanford University said they have developed a high-performance aluminum-ion battery that could replace the alkaline and lithium-ion batteries that are used to power devices today.
Obama Seeks $2 Billion In Private Dollars For Clean EnergyPresident Barack Obama is setting a goal of raising $2 billion from the private sector for investments in clean energy.
Gov. Inslee Announcing Environmental PrioritiesGov. Jay Inslee is announcing his proposals Wednesday for reducing carbon pollution and creating clean energy jobs in Washington.
Lawmakers Eye Change In State Energy LawSeveral bills being considered would make it easier for utilities to meet the standard, drawing criticism from Gov. Jay Inslee and opponents who say it would undercut the law aimed at spurring clean energy development and reducing pollution.
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