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Darrell Bevell

NFL’s Top Two Rushers Square Off In Seattle

Adrian Peterson, the league’s leading rusher, brings the Minnesota Vikings to Seattle to face No. 2 rusher Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks in a key NFC game.


Richard Sherman (Getty Images)

Detroit’s ‘Megatron’ Faces Seattle Seahawks’ ‘Optimus Prime’

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman’s new nickname has apparently motivated Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson, but after being shut down by Charles Tillman on Monday, can Johnson, aka “Megatron,”Brian Bahr/Getty Images beat Seattle’s big, aggressive duo of Sherman and Brandon Browner?



Healthy Sidney Rice Could Help Seattle Seahawks’ Offense

As the Seattle Seahawks prepare to play the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings over the next two weeks, there’s no better time for Russell Wilson to start throwing to Rice again.



Back Nine: A Look At The Seattle Seahawks’ Remaining Games

After playing four of the first seven on the road and beating two playoff powerhouses at home, the Seattle Seahawks have a pretty friendly final nine games — if they can figure out how to score touchdowns.



Seattle Seahawks Take A Pass On Throwing the Ball

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he is holding the offense back on purpose, playing a conservative game geared toward not turning the ball over. But Russell Wilson will still have to get something going, as the Seahawks will not always get lucky on close calls in close games.




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