Dick Cheney


Norm Continues Serving Justice On The Supreme Court

Today, justice is again served on the Supreme Court! Today was day two of the oral arguments over the President’s health insurance reform law and it didn’t seem to go well for the President’s side! […]

1090 The Fan–03/27/2012


Norm Is Serving Justice On The Supreme Court, Big Time!

Today, justice is served on the Supreme Court – big time! For three days, the health insurance reform law will be debated and I have MAJOR analysis for you – all three days! Amazingly, after […]

1090 The Fan–03/26/2012

Dick Cheney Speaks At The American Enterprise Institute

Even Dick Cheney Is Open To Disucussing Reinstating Parts Of The Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Sitting down for an interview with NBC News, former Vice President, hunter and gun advocate, Dick Cheney said he would “willing to listen to ideas” on gun control measures in the wake of the tragedy […]