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Seattle Teachers Vote To Continue Bargaining

Seattle teachers want a contract, but they’re ready to strike if they cannot reach an agreement with the school district.



Washington’s Prepaid Tuition Plan Frozen For Up To 2 years

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington’s prepaid tuition program will be frozen for up to two years until the committee that runs the Guaranteed Education Tuition program can figure out the impact of two years of tuition […]

CBS Seattle–08/18/2015

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Washington’s 9 Charter Schools Get Ready To Open Their Doors

This fall, nine charter schools are opening their doors across Washington state.


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Washington State Gets Failing Grade On School Funding

Washington state is being fined $100,000 a day by the state Supreme Court because justices say lawmakers have failed to adequately pay to educate the state’s 1 million school children.


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State Board Of Education Sets Lower Bar On Common Core Tests

The State Board of Education decided Wednesday to set a score below the college-ready level


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Governor Inslee Signs Early Learning Quality, Tuition Cut Bills

Surrounded by children, Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday signed bills to help kids on both ends of the education spectrum: a comprehensive new early learning bill and a measure that will cut college and university tuition.


Commission to let state’s first charter school stay open

On a vote of 4-3, Washington’s first charter school is going to survive to teach another year, despite serious concerns by the statewide Charter School Commission about the school’s financial viability.


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Fate Of Washington’s First charter School To Be Decided

The fate of Washington’s first charter school may be decided at a meeting of the statewide charter commission on Thursday.


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Senate Offers Another Way To Fix Washington School Budget

A new bipartisan bill from the Washington Senate makes another attempt at eliminating the state’s dependence on local tax levies to pay for public schools, but it doesn’t offer a concrete way to pay for it.


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Senate Republicans: Teacher Pay Reform Needed To Fix Budget

Republicans in the state Senate said Wednesday they want most teacher salary negotiations to be statewide, with fewer local dollars going to pay educators.

CBS Seattle–04/15/2015