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Selling Gold: Expert Tips

With the price of gold at almost $1,400.00 an ounce, gold buyers are looking for anything that has gold in it — and now is a great time to trade your old jewelry or coins […]



Get The Most Diamond For Your Money With These Tips

A beautiful diamond can take your breath away, transport you on a flight of fancy, and turn the most grizzled old bachelor into a romantic poet. But when you’re buying a diamond, it’s essential to […]



What You Need To Know Before You Sell Your Gold

You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about what a great time it is to sell your gold. With the economy still struggling, more and more people are selling their gold for cash. And […]



How Gold Buyers Determine What Your Gold Is Worth

Gold is hot these days. Prices are reaching all-time highs, which is why it is a great time to sell the gold jewelry, collectable gold coins or gold bullion you’ve accumulated over the years. If […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013


How To Make A Bundle Buying Bullion

The word “bullion” may conjure up images of pirates pillaging treasure chests or the military patrolling the golden bunkers of Fort Knox — but bullion isn’t just for the criminal class and the government. In […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013


Why You Should Own Krugerrands, One Of The World’s Most Popular Bullion Coins

Produced from one of the world’s largest gold mines in South Africa, the Krugerrand is the original and most recognized one-ounce gold bullion coin. First minted in 1967 from Rand Refinery, it was developed to […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013


Russia’s 40-Year-Old Diamond Secret: Popigai Astroblem

Russia dominated the diamond market in the 1970s with its abundant natural resources and its partnership with De Beers, which at the time was distributing most of the world’s diamonds. Perhaps this is why Russia […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013

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Modern-Day Legislation: Why Coin Collectors Should Care About HR 5977

Coin collecting is one of the world’s oldest known hobbies (and one of our favorites!). Once thought of as an activity for the wealthy, today, coin collecting is becoming increasingly popular with millions of hobbyists […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013


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