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Google To Stop Consumer Sales Of Glass

Tech giant says it will make significant redesigns to the Internet-connected eyeware.


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Google Working On Pill That Could Detect Cancer Cells

Still in the experimental stage, the pill is packed with tiny magnetic particles, which can travel through a patient’s bloodstream, search for malignant cells and report their findings to a sensor on a wearable device.


Google Glass will become modifiable for those who wear prescription lenses; also if you're out in the sun.

Google Glass Is Getting Glasses

Google is preparing its feature product for widespread release later this year.


California woman was given the same traffic citation as if she was texting or on her cell phone while driving. (Getty Images)

Woman To Testify Against Google Glass Citation

California woman was given ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving.


The restaurant says it's concerned Google Glass might be used to photograph or video unsuspecting diners. (Getty Images)

Seattle Restaurant Ejects Customer Wearing Google Glass

The Lost Lake Cafe asked a customer to leave because he wouldn’t take off his Google Glass.


File photo of Google Glass (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Exploring Google Glass Through Eyes Of Early Users

Geeks aren’t the only people wearing Google Glass.


File photo of Google Glass (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Review: First Peek Through Google Glass Impresses

Google hopes to change the face of technology by persuading people to wear computers on their heads.