The Amazing Things Our Grandparents Have Done [VIDEO]Earlier this week a 70-year-old grandmother completed an around-the-world sailboat trip by herself and that got the digital team here at CBS Seattle thinking about the amazing stuff our own grandparents have done. So we went around the office and asked our coworkers.
Best Places To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In SeattleThe grandparents are coming, the grandparents are coming! As your kids run around the house filled with excitement over Nana and Papa’s upcoming visit, you’re left wondering just how to keep everyone occupied. Fortunately, Seattle has an abundance of options that will appeal to all three generations while keeping them all happy and entertained.
Best Grandparents Day Activities in Puget Sound on September 9Sunday, September 9 is National Grandparents' Day! President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation creating a special day for grandparents in 1979. Here are some fun ways to celebrate with your grandparents in the Seattle area.

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