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Seattle City Council Votes To Adopt ‘Gun Violence Tax’

Seattle’s City Council unanimously approved a new tax


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Father Of High School Shooter Released From Federal Custody

The father of a high school student who fatally shot four classmates and himself last fall was allowed to be released from federal custody as long as he follows strict conditions.

CBS Seattle–04/02/2015

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Oregon Committee To Vote On Gun Background Checks Bill

An Oregon Senate committee is scheduled to vote on a proposal requiring background checks on all private firearms sales.

CBS Seattle–04/02/2015

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Oregon Democrats Introduce Gun Background Checks Bill

Oregon Democrats are taking the first step toward requiring background checks on private gun sales.

CBS Seattle–03/26/2015

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Seattle Mayor Supports ‘Gun Free Zones’ For Stores

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and the gun control group Washington CeaseFire are launching a program to allow businesses to declare themselves “gun free zones.”

CBS Seattle–08/19/2013

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Mayor To Seattle Gun Owners: Turn In Your Piece, Get $100 From Amazon

The Seattle-based online retailer is kicking in $30,000 to start the gun buyback program announced Tuesday by Mayor Mike McGinn and other city leaders to reduce firearms in the community.

CBS Seattle–01/09/2013

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CBS News: Spike In Gun Sales Over Fear Of Gun Control Laws

National sales figures show a dramatic increase in the rate at which Americans are purchasing firearms.


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Jury Acquits Man In Russian Roulette Death

A jury acquitted an Army soldier on Thursday of manslaughter and homicide charges in the death of a friend during a drunken game of Russian roulette.