Coroner: 'We Have Seen' Synthetic Opiates Like Fentanyl Mixed With MarijuanaFentanyl is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine and has been attributed to the increasing number of fatal drug overdoses across the U.S.
Mom Charged With Giving Kids Heroin To Help Them Sleep
Man With 74 Bags Of Heroin Arrested In SeattlePolice say they arrested a man with a backpack full of heroin after he threatened another man with a gun in downtown Seattle.
Deputies: Man Charged With Heroin Possession Shows Up To Court With Syringe, Cotton BallMarion County Sheriff Deputies have charged Michael Durban of heroin possession.
Prosecutor: Burglar Apologized To Homeowner By Offering Him HeroinProsecutors in Montana say a man caught leaving a house he had apparently burglarized apologized to the homeowner and offered him some heroin.
Police Search That Found Heroin, $20K In Freezer Ruled Unconstitutional The Oregon Court of Appeals has suppressed the search of a man who aroused police suspicion at a bus stop
Silk Road Drug Seller Pleads Guilty In Seattle A prolific seller of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine on the now-shuttered Silk Road online marketplace has pleaded guilty in federal court in Seattle.
Police: Couple Did Not Know Their Home Was Being Used To Sell Drugs And WeaponsSeattle couple was unaware that guns and heroin were being sold out of their basement, say authorities.
Report: Deadly Heroin Overdoses Continue To Rise In WashingtonWith heroin use rising across the U.S., The Associated Press queried state health departments, medical examiner's offices and law enforcement agencies across the nation for statistics related to use, overdoses and treatment to obtain a more detailed picture of the problem on the ground. While some states reported few changes, others pointed to heroin as a significant public health concern.
WSU Working On Overdose-Preventing Nasal SprayA nasal spray that can counter the effects of heroin or prescription pain pill overdoses could become available at Washington State University this fall.
Man Accused Of Supplying Heroin In Overdose DeathA federal criminal complaint has been filed against a Vancouver, Wash., man accused of dealing the heroin that led to the death of a suburban Portland woman.
Police Unable To Talk To Redmond Man About Drug ODPolice say they have been unable to talk to a Redmond man and his 4-year-old son about their drug overdoses because of their medical condition.

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