Miserable Commute On Viaduct Caused By Oversized Load Getting StuckA flatbed truck hauling two giant spools got stuck on Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct, temporarily blocking traffic on the elevated roadway.
Crews Pulling Pieces Of Seattle Tunnel Machine To SurfaceWorkers at the Seattle tunnel project have started pulling pieces of the broken tunnel machine called Bertha to the surface for repairs.
State, Contractor Still Battling Over Viaduct ProjectThe manager for the troubled Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project told lawmakers Thursday that the state and the contractor are still battling over tens of millions of dollars in repairs dating back to 2012, but even if the contractor declares bankruptcy tomorrow, the project could still be completed.
19 Arrested In MLK Holiday Protest In SeattlePolice say 19 protesters were arrested in the Martin Luther King holiday demonstration that blocked traffic on Highway 99 and the Mercer exit from Interstate 5 in the South Lake Union area.
Seattle Council Hearing About Cracks Near TunnelThe Seattle City Council expects to learn more Monday about the extent of problems from the attempt to repair the machine that broke down while boring a highway tunnel under the city.
Settling Halts Work At Seattle Tunnel ProjectSettling soil has caused a contractor building the Highway 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle to stop work on a pit being dug to reach a stalled digging machine known as Bertha, the state said.
Plan Advances To Dig Up Now-Stalled BerthaThe new tunnel would allow workers to dig up and repair the now-stuck boring machine
More Cracks Found In Alaskan Way ViaductA routine inspection was conducted the weekend of March 1-2 and discovered new and widening cracks near Spring and Seneca streets.
Seattle Viaduct Sinks Half-Inch Near New Tunnel The Alaskan Way Viaduct has sunk nearly half-an-inch at one location where a machine has been boring a highway tunnel under downtown Seattle.
Tunnel Drilling Project Sends Rats Into Downtown BuildingsA local pest control company says it's seeing an increase in business because of the Highway 99 tunnel project as rats are sent scurrying from their hiding places.
City Tunneling Project BeginsThe world's largest tunneling machine is sinking its teeth into the soil under downtown Seattle.
Massive Tunneling Machine Arriving In SeattleThe world's widest tunnel boring machine arrives in Seattle in pieces Tuesday aboard a ship from Japan.

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