Say Hello: Killer Whale Learns To Mimic Human SpeechA 14-year-old orca name Wikie has learned to imitate human speech through the use of her blowhole.
Tagging Program Halted After Dead Orca Found With Tag PiecesFederal biologists have temporarily halted a satellite tagging program after a dead endangered Puget Sound orca was found with pieces of a dart tag lodged in its fin.
Calf Born Into Southern Resident Whale PopulationThe group says the calf was first spotted Nov. 10 from West Seattle.
Orca 'Lolita' At Miami Facility To Get Endangered ProtectionA captive killer whale that has been performing for decades at the Miami Seaquarium deserves the same protection as a small population of endangered orcas that spend time in Washington state waters, the federal government announced Wednesday.
Gray Whale Dead At Bremerton Had Old Orca WoundsSevere scars on a gray whale found dead at Bremerton indicate a killer whale attack years ago left it too weak to complete this year's migration from Alaska to Mexico, a biologist said.
NOAA: Dead Newborn Orca Belonged To Endangered PopulationThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service says a dead newborn orca calf found on Washington's Olympic Peninsula last week belongs to a population of endangered killer whales.
Tag Reveals Winter Movements Of Puget Sound OrcasBiologists are gaining new information about the winter movements of endangered Puget Sound killer whales by tracking the daily activities of one orca by a satellite tag.
Group: PNW Orcas Shouldn't be Listed Endangered Property-rights advocates and California farmers have filed a petition urging the government to delist Pacific Northwest orcas from the Endangered Species Act, arguing that group of whales is not a sub-species.
Biologists Plan To Tag Puget Sound OrcasBiologists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service in Seattle plan to attach tiny satellite devices on Puget Sound's endangered orcas to help better understand where they go during winter. But some whale experts worry the tags — about the size of a 9-volt battery with two darts — could injure the orcas.

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