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AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Doing The Laundry

“Laundry, it’s a dirty word, but someone has to do it. In the course of doing the eco-friendly laundry, almost 75 – 80% of our clothes lifecycle impact comes from being washed and dried. This […]

1090 The Fan–03/24/2012


Lucy Wainwright Roche At Triple Door Tonight

Callahan’s interview with the Indie Singer-songwriter – the daughter of Louden Wainwright and Suzzy Roche of the folk group The Roches. She’s way cool, with the voice of an angel. See you tonight!

1090 The Fan–03/14/2012


AM1090 Eco-Minute: Veganism

Veganism and the Environment Kim Barnouin is the author of THE SKINNY BITCH BOOK OF VEGAN SWAPS – as in swapping red meat for beans and rice – here she talks about the stresses on […]

1090 The Fan–03/14/2012


AM 1090 Eco-Minute: Valentine’s Day

Falling in love with planet earth, on the am 1090 ecominute – yes, Im talking about Valentine’s day – and here are a few tips to keep it green for the big day… About those […]

1090 The Fan–01/30/2012

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Audio: Too Many Women Behind Bars

Lee Callahan Interviews Silja J.A. Talvi, investigative journalist and author of Women Behind Bars: The Crisis of Women in the U.S. Prison System. More and more women mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, and sisters are doing hard […]

1090 The Fan–01/15/2012


“Gasland” On The AM 1090 Eco-Minute

Grab the organic popcorn, its time for another green movie. Our facebook fans offered up some great selections for eco-conscious films. Rick Hegdahl chooses Gasland and he says,”Criminals are killing our people and the land […]

1090 The Fan–01/10/2012

Cash Album

Johnny Cash On The AM 1090 Eco-Minute

A Green Song from the Man in Black… Alyssa emailed us with her choice of a tune with an environmental message —here’s Johnny Cash singing about the coal companies that ruined his Kentucky home in […]

1090 The Fan–01/10/2012

Getty Images Produce

AM 1090 Eco-Minute: CSAs

Ordering Fresh Produce To Your Front Door With Community Supported Agriculture. Sustainlane.com has a guide to CSAs in your area.

1090 The Fan–01/01/2012


Eating Locally: Better For You, The Environment And The Economy

Food loses its nutritional value when its shipped from miles away – while at the same time burning up fuel to get shipped here. Added bonus – Buying locally supports your local farmer. Sophie Uliano […]

1090 The Fan–11/21/2011


Chris Matthews On JFK And Obama

The MSNBC pundit tells Lee Callahan what JFK did right and Obama is doing wrong. A fast moving 10 minutes until Callahan stumps Chris Matthews. (Heard Sunday Nov. 20th on AM 1090, Jack FM and […]

1090 The Fan–11/19/2011