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Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry

Pro-Pot Campaign Reaches $6M

The campaign to legalize, regulate and tax the sale of marijuana for adults in Washington state raised more than $500,000 in the second half of this month, putting it at over $6 million in total contributions.

CBS Seattle–10/31/2012

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Ex-Feds Sticking Up For Pot In New Local TV Ads

The campaign to legalize and tax recreational marijuana sales for those over 21 in Washington is launching a new television ad campaign Thursday featuring former federal law enforcement officials.

CBS Seattle–10/10/2012


Seattle Hempfest, Local Churches to Show Previews of Documentary ‘Legalize It’

Seattle Hempfest and three Seattle churches will host sneak previews of the definitive new pot documentary LEGALIZE IT, a socially conscious documentary on Prop 19 – the 2010 campaign to legalize marijuana in California.