Bipartisan Bill Would Allow Recreational Marijuana To Be Grown At Home In WashingtonTwo companion bills in Washington State would allow residents to grow their own recreational marijuana out of their own homes.
Oregon Voters Deciding Whether To Legalize PotOregon voters are deciding Tuesday whether to legalize marijuana after a failed attempt by the drug's advocates in 2012.
Will Traffic Deaths Rise As States Legalize Pot? As states liberalize their marijuana laws, public officials and safety advocates worry that more drivers high on pot will lead to a big increase in traffic deaths. Researchers who have studied the issue, though, are divided on the question.
Marijuana Growing Isn't As 'Green' As You ThinkGrowing marijuana plants may seem like a pretty eco-friendly business model, but according to a new analysis, marijuana grows in the United States have a pretty significant negative impact on the environment.
Lawmakers: No Tax Breaks For Pot Production Marijuana producers in Washington state would be prohibited from qualifying for agriculture tax breaks under a bill considered Tuesday by state lawmakers.
Party To Celebrate Legal Pot Anniversary Friday marks the first anniversary of the day Washington's legal marijuana law took effect, and hundreds of people are expected to celebrate by lighting up beneath the Space Needle at a party permitted by the city of Seattle.
Seattle Mayor Candidates Compete For Left-Wing VotesSeattle's mayoral hopefuls this year have been stumbling over each other as they try to appeal to the city's left-leaning voters, making promises that would be liabilities in many other parts of the country.
Court: Medical Necessity OK Reason For Marijuana People busted for marijuana can argue they needed it for medical reasons, even if they failed to follow the requirements of the state's medical marijuana law, the Washington Supreme Court said Thursday.
Feds Seek To Legalize Marijuana Industry Banking The Justice Department will work to make it possible for financial institutions to do business with the legitimate marijuana industry, the deputy attorney general told Congress Tuesday.
Keeping Pot Within Its Borders Will Be A Challenge For WashingtonSo far, no one is suggesting checkpoints or fences to keep Washington state's legal pot within its borders. But Gov. Jay Inslee insists there are ways to prevent the bulk smuggling of the state's newest cash crop into the black market, including digitally tracking weed to ensure that it goes from where it is grown to the stores where it is sold.
Pro-Pot Campaign Reaches $6MThe campaign to legalize, regulate and tax the sale of marijuana for adults in Washington state raised more than $500,000 in the second half of this month, putting it at over $6 million in total contributions.
Marijuana Backers Pushing For Conservative VotesAppealing to Western individualism and a mistrust of federal government, activists in favor of legalizing marijuana have lined up some prominent conservatives, from one-time presidential hopefuls Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul to Republican-turned-Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.

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