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Investors Look At Marijuana Start-Ups In Seattle

With legal marijuana sales about to start in Washington, start-up businesses are preparing for the market and seeking financing.


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Will Marijuana Taxes Go To Health Care?

Under the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” the intended recipient of the pot taxes — Washington’s Basic Health Plan — is being eliminated.

CBS Seattle–10/31/2013

State officials want to prevent people from smoking marijuana at bars and nightclubs. (Getty Images)

Stake Taking Steps To Make Sure Marijuana Isn’t Used At Bars

Washington’s Liquor Control Board wants to make sure people aren’t using marijuana in bars and nightclubs.

CBS Seattle–10/30/2013

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Lynnwood Returns 6 Pounds Of Pot To Patients

The city of Lynnwood, Wash., has returned 202 dead marijuana plants and 6 pounds of drying pot that was seized from a group of medical marijuana patients more than a year ago.

CBS Seattle–10/30/2013

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Panel Approves Rules For Washington Pot Industry

Washington state has approved rules for its new legal marijuana industry.

CBS Seattle–10/16/2013

Denver's mayor is seeking to limit where people can smoke marijuana. (Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Denver Mayor Wants To Stop Public Pot Smoking

After a string of pot giveaways and public smoking following the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is trying to crack down on where people can light up.


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SPD Responds To ‘Colbert Report’ Pot Satire

The political satire show The Colbert Report poked fun at the new marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado on Tuesday night’s show in a segment called “Pot Laws & Pointers.”

CBS Seattle–10/09/2013

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Seattle City Council Passes Marijuana Zoning Measure

Seattle’s City Council has voted to set limits on where pot-related businesses can locate.


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Man Beaten With Bong For Refusing Pot As Payment

A man refused to accept a bag of marijuana as payment from a friend for a debt, and was subsequently hit in the face with a bong.

CBS Seattle–09/25/2013

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Court: Medical Necessity OK Reason For Marijuana

People busted for marijuana can argue they needed it for medical reasons, even if they failed to follow the requirements of the state’s medical marijuana law, the Washington Supreme Court said Thursday.

CBS Seattle–09/20/2013