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Starfish Babies Offer Hope Amid Mass Deaths In The PacificMarine biologists are seeing hundreds of baby sea stars, prompting hopes that the species can bounce back from a devastating wasting disease.
Scientists Solve Mystery Of Starfish Die-OffBiologists isolated a virus that is different from any other virus known to infect marine life; it's dubbed a “sea star associated densovirus.”
Scientists See Severe Coral Bleaching Near HawaiiMarine biologists are seeing higher-than-normal ocean temperatures that are causing near-shore bleaching across the islands.
Mystery Starfish Killer Lurks Along Entire West CoastMarine biologists say a deadly wasting disease has been recorded from Mexico to Alaska.
Fish Mating Call Blamed For Loud Humming Sound In West SeattleA loud, ominous humming sound has been keeping a portion of West Seattle residents awake at night. Some have even reportedly been jarred from sleep by the low rumble, sometimes described as a growl, accompanying it. The Marine Biology program at the University of Washington may have solved the mystery of its source - the Midshipman fish.

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