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After Protests, UW Decides To Follow Seattle $15 Wage LawAfter protests and questions about whether the University of Washington would be required to follow Seattle's $15 minimum wage law, the university has decided company.
Federal Appeals Court Won't Stop Seattle Minimum Wage LawA federal appeals court will not stand in the way of Seattle's new $15 minimum wage law.
Court Says Minimum Wage Increase Applies To Airport WorkersA divided Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a first-in-the nation initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in the city of SeaTac should apply to thousands of workers at the airport.
Time For A 4-Day Workweek? Cutting Hours At One Startup Shows Increase ProductivityThe CEO of a Portland, Oregon tech startup says implementing a 32-hour work week has helped boost employee productivity.
Attorney General Rules Minimum Wage Surcharges Must Be Disclosed To CustomersThe attorney general said he wants to make sure customers understand what they're paying for.
How Far $15 An Hour Goes In Six CitiesHere's a look at how far that money could go in six cities, given living expenses
Seattle CEO To Cut His Pay So Every Worker Earns $70,000A Seattle CEO who announced that he's giving himself a drastic pay cut to help cover the cost of big raises for his employees didn't just make those workers happy.
21 Arrests In Seattle Minimum Wage DemonstrationSeattle police say they arrested 21 people who opted for civil disobedience at the conclusion of a minimum wage demonstration on Wednesday.
Seattle CEO To Cut His Pay So Every Worker Earns $70,000For some companies, Seattle's new $15 minimum wage law isn't doing enough to help workers.
Company Near Seattle Introduces $70K Minimum WageDan Price, the owner and founder of Gravity Payments in Ballard, told The New York Times he decided to increase his employees' salaries after reading an article on happiness
Seattle, US Labor Department Partnering To Fight Wage TheftAs Seattle's new minimum wage law takes effect this month, the city's police department and the U.S. Department of Labor are announcing that they've teamed up to fight wage theft.
Bill To Hike Washington Minimum Wage Stalls In OlympiaA Republican state senator says he won't schedule a vote for a measure that would phase in a new $12 hourly state minimum wage.
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