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Northwest Lawmakers Demand Start Of Treaty Talks

The entire congressional delegation from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana is demanding that the Obama administration begin negotiations with Canada to update the landmark Columbia River Treaty.

CBS Seattle–04/15/2015

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House Endorses Abortion-Related Health Insurance Bill

The Montana House endorsed a bill Friday that would require health insurance companies to offer coverage plans that do not include elective abortions.

CBS Seattle–04/10/2015

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Legislature Advances Proposed Indian Language Programs

Montana lawmakers are advancing a proposal that would encourage schools to develop Indian language immersion programs.

CBS Seattle–04/10/2015

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Governor Signs Right To Try Bill

Gov. Steve Bullock has signed a bill allowing terminally ill patients to seek experimental medical treatments.

CBS Seattle–04/01/2015

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Former Butte Central Band Director Charged With Rape

The former Butte Central music teacher and band director is charged with providing alcohol to female students at a state basketball tournament in Hamilton earlier this month and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

CBS Seattle–03/27/2015

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73-Year-Old Gets 75 Years For Trying To Reclaim Former Ranch

A 73-year-old man who threatened from behind bars to forcibly take back the western Montana ranch he lost in a 1979 divorce has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for intimidating and stalking its owners.

CBS Seattle–03/26/2015

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Senate Advances 80 MPH Highway Speed Limit Proposal

Montana senators have endorsed the only surviving bill to raise highway speed limits.

CBS Seattle–03/25/2015

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Transient Pleads Guilty To Campground Beating Death

A transient has admitted killing a Butte man at a southwestern Montana campground last summer.

CBS Seattle–03/25/2015

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Former Alaska Fish Board Nominee Charged In Montana

A former nominee to the Alaska Board of Fisheries has been charged with misdemeanor wildlife violations in Montana.


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Bozeman Democrat Proposes Studying Coal Phase-Out

Montana senators are considering studying the potential effects of phasing out coal mining in the state.

CBS Seattle–03/18/2015