Former NAACP Official: Rachel Dolezal 'Has Very Self-Serving Motives'The nation was both shocked and engrossed at the narrative of Rachel Dolezal, the former head of the NAACP Spokane chapter who was outed as a white woman pretending to be black after her parents went public with the information.
Spokane Mayor Calls For Dolezal To Resign From Police PanelTwo top Spokane officials have called for Rachel Dolezal to resign immediately from the eastern Washington city's volunteer police ombudsman commission.
'A Setback': Activists Fret About Rachel Dolezal ImpactCivil rights leaders are worried that the ruse perpetrated by former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal will hurt efforts to move the region beyond a troubled racial past.
Rachel Dolezal: No 'Biological Proof' That White Parents Are My ParentsRachel Dolezal, the NAACP chapter president who resigned after her parents publicly said she was white, isn't quite certain her white parents are biologically her parents.
Rachel Dolezal Resigns As NAACP Leader Amid Racial Identity ControversyThe leader of the NAACP in Spokane is stepping down amid controversy after her parents said the 37-year-old activist falsely portrayed herself as black for years.
NAACP Leader To Speak Monday; Parents Say She Lied On RaceSpokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal says she will speak about the furor over racial identity sparked after her parents said she has falsely portrayed herself as black for years, but she is actually white.
NAACP Chapter President Accused Of Lying About Her Racial IdentityThe head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, is facing questions about whether she lied about her racial identity, with her family saying she's white but has portrayed herself as black.
Opinion: Rev. William Owens Confronts Barack Obama On Same-Sex MarriageRev. William Owens takes great issue with Obama’s linkage of Dr. King’s civil rights movement of the past to the current gay rights movement regarding same-sex marriage. Owens says that King embraced traditional religion, and he strongly suggests that King would not want his civil rights’ mission altered to include same-sex marriage.
Opinion: Learn To Be An AmericanOne day after Rush Limbaugh called on W. Mitt Romney to use racist attacks against the President, Romney dispatched campaign surrogate John Sununu to deliver a message to the first African American President of the United States: we will teach you how to be an American.
Opinion: Romney's Speech To NAACP A Cynical Play For White VotesRomney had an opportunity to open a dialogue with the NAACP. Instead he talked about denying civil rights to a civil rights organization and spoke in condescending and paternalistic terms about being a better president for African Americans than Barack Obama. It was a clear and cynical play for white votes.

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