Guide to Election Night Parties in SeattleRegardless of your party or voting preferences, Seattleites are ready to celebrate come Election Day! Be sure to mail in your ballot, and then mark your calendar for a great party on Tuesday, November 6.
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Norm Is Serving Justice On MANY Topics On Friday's Show!
Norm Talks Health Care Reform, Bank Of America Settlement, Keystone XL And More
NorMan GoldMan: Today, justice is served on BOTH Democrats and Republicons!
NorMan Serves Justice on...the Dems
NorMan GoldMan On Social Security and Medicare Cuts
Peter B Collins In For NorMan
3 to 6pm Norman Goldman on What Happens If The Gov't Shuts Down
Norman Goldman and The Patriot Act
Today at 3pm On The Norman Goldman Show
This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman Show

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