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Guide to Election Night Parties in Seattle

Regardless of your party or voting preferences, Seattleites are ready to celebrate come Election Day! Be sure to mail in your ballot, and then mark your calendar for a great party on Tuesday, November 6.


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Forum 2012 Event Announcement

Saturday July 21st, Seattle’s Progressive Talk AM1090 Presents “Showdown 2012: Recapturing Democracy”… a progressive townhall forum examining the evolving role we as citizens play in the political and public policy process. The panel features top […]



Norm Is Serving Justice On MANY Topics On Friday’s Show!

Today on the radio, justice is served on MANY topics! Afghanistan can never be far from our thoughts; but also, the economy; jobs; and the stock market are getting justice served today! Senior Legal Analyst […]

1090 The Fan–06/01/2012


Norm Talks Health Care Reform, Bank Of America Settlement, Keystone XL And More

Today, justice is served on many topics! Major “Senior legal Analyst” time today, as yet ANOTHER court has upheld the President’s health insurance reform law! Also, a judge has approved a $410 million class action […]

1090 The Fan–11/08/2011

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NorMan GoldMan: Today, justice is served on BOTH Democrats and Republicons!

3 to 6pm on AM 1090. Norman: “I will explain why the national Democrats are so wishy-washy – they won’t ever admit to this – but I’ll spill the beans for them, today! The ‘Cons […]

1090 The Fan–09/07/2011


NorMan Serves Justice on…the Dems

Today, from 3 to 6pm, justice is served on the Democratic Party. Serious damage is being done to the party BY the party. How to stop the rift? The jobs numbers out and they are […]

1090 The Fan–07/08/2011


NorMan GoldMan On Social Security and Medicare Cuts

Today, justice must be served on the President! Word is that Social Security and Medicare cuts are on the table in the debt ceiling hostage talks. The Democratic wing of the Democratic Party is not […]

1090 The Fan–07/07/2011


Peter B Collins In For NorMan

Today progressive talk radio veteran Peter B. Collins takes the helm from the San Francisco Bay Area! There is plenty to catch up on after the long holiday weekend! I am taking one more day […]

1090 The Fan–07/05/2011


3 to 6pm Norman Goldman on What Happens If The Gov’t Shuts Down

Today, justice must be served on the shutdown of government and the budget! Republicons are hell-bent on shutting it down and it appears they will get their wish! Despite tremendous willingness by the President and […]


Chile v United States

Norman Goldman and The Patriot Act

Justice is served on the Patriot Act today! Major defections from the Republicon Party caused the demise of the Patriot Act renewal – but it is MUCH more complex than that and I will analyze […]

1090 The Fan–02/09/2011