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Today at 3pm On The Norman Goldman Show

Justice must be served on taxes and spending! After all the posturing about deficits, a deal is being cut that benefits the rich – with crumbs for the poor and new debt for all of […]


This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman Show

Justice is served on Republicans BIG TIME today – oh yeah, and on President Obama, too! One day after meeting with the President, the Senate MINORITY Leader issued an ultimatum – and it is a […]


Today on The NorMan GoldMan Show

Justice is served on “nanny government” today! The Republicans LOVE to batter Democrats for their supposed use of government to tell people how to live; well, that door swings both ways! The “lame duck” session […]


Today On The Norman Goldman Show

Today justice is served on the Tea Baggers – but from an unusual angle! Just WHO are these people and WHERE did they come from? I’ll explain today! There are civil wars breaking out all […]


Today On The Norman Goldman Show

Justice is served on this Veterans Day as we honor those who have served our country. We also look beyond their service, to see who else should be honored – and given the chance to […]


This Afternoon On The Norman Goldman Show

Justice is served on the election system today! Ten years after Bush v. Gore, we STILL have problems with accurate and fraud-free vote counting. I’ll have details today! Yesterday, we did the “Top Ten Reasons […]



Our Progressive Talkers Together In One Tiny Place

Remember the AM 1090 Forum? And how great it was to see Thom and Randi and Mike and Stephanie and Norman and Ron Reagan all on one stage? I had the pleasure of being in […]

1090 The Fan–09/28/2010