file photo of orca whale  (Photo credit: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images)

Scientists: Orcas Among Most Contaminated Marine Mammals

Scientists studying southern resident killer whales for the past decade now know they are among the most contaminated marine mammals, with pollutants particularly high in the youngest whales

CBS Seattle–06/25/2014

file photo of orca whale  (Photo credit: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images)

Conservation Group Wants Orcas In West Coast Waters Protected

A conservation group is asking federal officials to protect endangered killer whales in the marine waters off the West Coast.

CBS Seattle–01/16/2014

file photo of orca whale  (Photo credit: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images)

Satellite Tagging Reveals Info On Migration Of Endangered Orcas

A satellite tag attached to one endangered Puget Sound killer whale is yielding some valuable information about the migration of orcas in recent days.

CBS Seattle–01/06/2014

(Photo credit VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Puget Sound Orcas Circle Ferry Carrying Artifacts

A large pod of orcas in Puget Sound this week has been thrilling whale watchers.

CBS Seattle–10/31/2013

(Photo credit VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Tag Reveals Winter Movements Of Puget Sound Orcas

Biologists are gaining new information about the winter movements of endangered Puget Sound killer whales by tracking the daily activities of one orca by a satellite tag.

CBS Seattle–01/15/2013

File photo of a female orca and her calf.  (credit: VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Scientists Want New Name For Mammal-Eating Orcas

If whale expert John K.B. Ford has his way, school children one day will study a kind of North Pacific killer whale that preys on warm-blooded creatures — mostly harbor seals and sea lions, but also gray whales and seabirds.


credit: Mike Scharer; www.facebook.com/westseattleblog

Six Orcas Identified off West Seattle

More than a dozen killer whales swimming past West Seattle gave residents a spectacular sight Monday as the sun set. This is the farthest south the orcas have been seen this year, and it may indicate a typical fall shift.


credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images

Group: PNW Orcas Shouldn’t be Listed Endangered

Property-rights advocates and California farmers have filed a petition urging the government to delist Pacific Northwest orcas from the Endangered Species Act, arguing that group of whales is not a sub-species.


(Photo credit LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

Navy Sonar May Hurt Whales Off Washington Coast

The U.S. Navy’s use of sonar in training exercises off the costs of Washington, Oregon and California is coming under fire from conservationists and Native American tribes, saying the noise can harass and kill whales and other marine life.

CBS Seattle–01/26/2012

(Photo credit VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Biologists Plan To Tag Puget Sound Orcas

Biologists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service in Seattle plan to attach tiny satellite devices on Puget Sound’s endangered orcas to help better understand where they go during winter. But some whale experts worry the tags — about the size of a 9-volt battery with two darts — could injure the orcas.

CBS Seattle–01/25/2012



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