Oregon Wedding Features ‘Budtender’ At Marijuana Bar

An Oregon couple catered their wedding with 13 varieties of marijuana, including a server to help guests choose and smoke their weed.


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Oregon ‘Klepto Kitty’ Gets YouTube Channel

Snorri Sturluson, a two-year-old orange tabby, has become a video star for stealing random items from his neighbors.


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Oregon Resident Worked As Woman, Collected Disability As Man

An Oregon resident who transitioned to a woman more than three decades ago continued collecting Social Security disability checks under her male identity, fraudulently raking in $250,000

CBS Seattle–07/20/2015


Oregon Man Injured In Back Flip At Water Recreation Area

It took emergency crews nearly two hours to rescue a 26-year-old Salem, Oregon man, who tried to execute a back flip off some rocks at a remote water recreation site but fell about 25 feet, missing the water.

CBS Seattle–07/08/2015

Photo Credit: Randy Yagi

5 US Ski Resorts Worth Visiting In The Summer

Many of America’s best resorts remain open during the summer months, including one that’s even open for snow skiing.


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Bus Driver Evacuates 18 Before Vehicle Bursts Into Flames

Nobody was hurt. Another bus was scheduled to pick up the passengers to complete their trip.

CBS Seattle–06/17/2015

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Journey Drummer Charged With Domestic Violence In Oregon

Journey drummer Deen Castronovo has been released on bail following a domestic violence arrest in Oregon.

CBS Seattle–06/17/2015

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Oregon Man Accused Of Running Over Several Bald Eagles In Alaska

Alaska troopers say Dennis Thompson, 28, accelerated before running over several bald eagles that were feeding on the road, killing two of them.


National Cemetary (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Oregon Soldier’s Remains Buried 60 Years After Korean War

Cpl. Ben Lee Brown died in 1951 at age 18

CBS Seattle–05/18/2015

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Court Overturns $85 Million Award For Oregon Soldiers

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned an $85 million jury award to Oregon soldiers who said they were sickened from guarding an oil field water plant during the Iraq War.

CBS Seattle–05/14/2015