Washington Drivers Could Face New Distracted Driving Penalties"I am just thrilled that we have been able to forge a step forward on distracted driving," Inslee said Thursday. "Pain and suffering and tragedy caused by this inattentiveness is very hard to bear."
Buyer's Guide: How to Get, or Avoid, Microsoft Windows 8Redmond based Microsoft Corp. is releasing a new version of its Windows operating system, one designed to make desktop and laptop computers work more like tablets. There will be several ways to get it — or avoid it.
Starbucks to Allow 'Digital Tipping'The Seattle-based coffee company says a digital tip function will be added to its mobile payment application starting next summer. A similar option will also be available on Square, a new payment app that Starbucks customers will be able to use starting in November.
Ditch That Purse: College Students Create Bra With Built-In Storage PocketA small start-up business in Seattle is growing in leaps and bounds, due in large part to the unique and specific nature of its product - the JoeyBra, a brassiere with a built-in storage pocket that allows women to carry valuables without need for a purse.
Phone Directories Make Opt-Out OptionDon't care for those big, bulky yellow pages on your doorstep? An agreement between a group of lawmakers and publishers of yellow pages directories will make it easier to let people know they can opt out of receiving the phone books.

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