Anthropologist: Space Colonies Should Have At Least 40,000 PeopleBased on terrestrial population studies, an Oregon scientist says 40,000 men and women would be the ideal number to start an extraterrestrial colony.
Board OKs Tuition Freeze For Oregon Undergraduates After years of sharp tuition increases, Oregon undergraduates have finally gotten a break
Portland State Pledges 4-Year Degree Guarantee The overwhelming majority of students at Oregon's largest public university spend more than four years getting a degree. The results are more debt and fewer seats in prerequisite classes.
Study: 469 Portland Child Sex Exploitation Victims The Portland metro area has long been pointed to as a hub for child sex trafficking, but the evidence was anecdotal and proof was elusive. On Monday, the U.S. Attorney's Office presented data on commercial sex exploitation of children, counting 469 Portland victims between 2009 and 2013.
Enrollment Growth Slows At Oregon UniversitiesEnrollment in Oregon's public universities has hit an all-time high, but the growth rate has slowed after four years of spikes.
Study: Oregon Coastal Water On A Caffeine HighWater off the coast of Oregon has been classified as slightly caffeinated as part of what researchers are calling “caffeine pollution.”

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