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State Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Tax Medical Pot Sales

Democratic Reps. Ross Hunter of Medina and Reuven Carlyle of Seattle introduced a bill Thursday that would tax marijuana sales from dispensaries 25 percent.

CBS Seattle–02/07/2013

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Report: Smoking Pot Linked To Elevated Stroke Risk In Young Adults

A new study has found a connection between smoking marijuana – often informally referred to as “pot” or “weed” – and an increase in stroke risk for young adults.


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Two Local Men Cited In Central Oregon For Carrying 40 Pounds Of Marijuana

Oregon State Police say 40 pounds of marijuana have been seized in a Grants Pass-area motel parking lot. Detectives with the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement team responded to assist city police Monday at the parking lot where the city officers had gone on an unrelated disturbance call.

CBS Seattle–02/06/2013

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Keeping Pot Within Its Borders Will Be A Challenge For Washington

So far, no one is suggesting checkpoints or fences to keep Washington state’s legal pot within its borders. But Gov. Jay Inslee insists there are ways to prevent the bulk smuggling of the state’s newest cash crop into the black market, including digitally tracking weed to ensure that it goes from where it is grown to the stores where it is sold.

CBS Seattle–01/29/2013

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Inslee: Washington Will Keep Progressing On Legal Pot

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson met with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, but came away no further enlightened about how the federal government will respond to last fall’s votes in Washington and Colorado that set up legal markets for marijuana.

CBS Seattle–01/23/2013

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Board Announces Forums For Public Input On Legal Pot

Members of the public are getting their chance to influence the creation of a legal marijuana market in Washington state.

CBS Seattle–01/15/2013

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Local Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur Sentenced

Medical marijuana entrepreneur Brionne Corbray whose dispensaries were raided last year, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court to five years of probation and fined $25,000, but he avoided prison time.

CBS Seattle–12/20/2012

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Seattle Police Loosens Pot Rules For Applicants

The Seattle police department says it is loosening rules on past marijuana use by applicants. Police officials say the change in policy comes because voters legalized the recreational use of pot by approving Initiative 502.

CBS Seattle–12/18/2012

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Complications Arise With Drug-Free Work Places And Legal Pot

Pot may be legal, but workers may want to check with their boss first before they grab the pipe or joint during off hours.

CBS Seattle–12/07/2012

Legalizing marijuana, and keeping the federal government from enforcing laws against the states are both favored in recent polls. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Polls Slightly Favor Pot Legalization, Keeping Feds Out

A slight majority of Americans favor both the legalization of marijuana, and that the federal government should back off of state pot laws.