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Top Italian Court Challenges Amanda Knox Murder Acquittal

Italy’s high court on Tuesday faulted the appeals court that acquitted American student Amanda Knox of murdering her roommate, saying its ruling was full of “deficiencies, contradictions and illogical” conclusions.


File photo of Amanda Knox in court back in March 2011.  (credit:  TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images)

Amanda Knox Says What Happened To Her Was Surreal

Amanda Knox says in an interview that what happened to her was “surreal but it could have happened to anyone.”

CBS Seattle–05/01/2013

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Knox Awaits Decision From Italy’s Highest Court

Amanda Knox was waiting anxiously Monday in Seattle to hear if she will face trial again as Italy’s top criminal court considered whether to overturn her acquittal in the murder of her roommate in Italy.

CBS Seattle–03/25/2013

Amanda Knox (Photo by Kevin Casey/AFP/Getty Images)

Amanda Knox Awards First Interview To ABC

Amanda Knox, the University of Washington student who spent four years in jail in Italy on murder chargers, will be giving her first television interview to ABC, according to AFP.

CBS Seattle–02/11/2013