Rand Paul

Rand Paul and Kirsten Gillibrand

Rand Paul Makes Northwest Campaign Stops

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, making the first of several Pacific Northwest campaign stops in Seattle, spoke about constitutional issues and dysfunction in the nation’s capital.


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Activists Plan Protest Of Wisc. Governor’s Visit

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Seattle on Thursday and New York City later this month for a pair of fundraisers.

CBS Seattle–09/03/2013

This Evening On The Randi Rhodes Show

Outside of a Senatorial debate in Kentucky, supporters of Rand Paul threw a woman from MoveOn.org to the ground and stomped on her head (video below). What happened? Did she refuse to bow down to Aqua […]


This Evening On The Randi Rhodes Show

As we close in on Election Day, we’re going from candidates behaving badly, to candidates behaving worsely. In the Kentucky Senate debate last night, Rand Paul was livid over ads that mention how in college […]