Robert Gibbs

Mitt and Ann Romney cast their ballots (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Opinion: On Election Day Romney Keeping His Mind On The Business-At-Hand

Obama plays basketball and Romney campaigns on Election Day


Gibbs Darth Vader

Goodbye Gibbs, In Pictures

Talking Points Memo has put together a fantastic photo montage/tribute to outgoing White House Press Secretary  Robert Gibbs.  Our Favorite BY FAR is this image from a Halloween celebration with military families and children in […]

1090 The Fan–01/05/2011

Robert Gibbs Briefs White House Press Corps

Robert Gibbs Leaving White House

As the Obama administration continues to reshape its senior leadership team mid-way through the first term, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will exit the White House.  Gibbs will take over an outside advisory roll to the […]

1090 The Fan–01/05/2011