Study: Arctic Ice 'Thinning Dramatically'New research suggests Arctic sea ice has been thinning at a faster rate than previously believed.
35,000 Walrus Come Ashore In Northwest AlaskaThe animals are unable to find enough sea ice, where they usually rest in the Arctic Ocean.
Study: Thinning Arctic Snow Could Alter North Pole EcosystemAnimals and plants that depend on snow cover may be affected.
10,000 Walrus Come Ashore In Northwest Alaska An estimated 10,000 Pacific walrus have gone ashore on Alaska's northwest coast and are bunched along a beach near the village of Point Lay.
Feds: Lack Of Sea Ice Changes Walrus BehaviorThe absence of vast swaths of summer sea ice is changing the behavior of Pacific walrus, federal scientists said Wednesday, but added that more research will be needed to say what the final effects might be.

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